Panel tracks are a unique application for door openings and room dividers.  They have a very clean and contemporary (Shoji Screen) look .  


The flat panels slide back and forth by using a wand or traverse system that involves 2 to 5 track channels.  Panel Tracks can be matched up with many Woven Wood roman shade styles or Roller Shade products so you can cover the windows with a pull up or roller system and the doors with Panel Tracks. 

The one downfall is that your dealing with panels that are usually 20” to 28” (flat width) so the panels have a stack space of the same equivalent. (one panel stacks over the other and so on) depending on how many channels are needed.

The good side is your able to cover small windows and large doors with the same material.  Everybody’s happy!

Come on in and take a look at them or call us and we’ll bring the samples to you.